DALI's Simple Steps To Improve Your Room Acoustics

Your listening room has a huge impact on the sound quality of your speakers

October 10, 2020

Educational Announcement

We made you aware in our previous newsletter, why you shouldn't toe-in your DALI speakers, but what else can be done to improve the acoustics of your listening room? Well, read on...

Loudspeakers perform best in rooms with basic furnishings such as bookshelves, flowers, vases and soft furniture. Experimenting with your loudspeaker positioning will impact the sound image, as will adjusting your furniture position. Try to avoid large, flat surfaces near the speakers, as this can create unwanted early reflections at the listening position.

If the sound is on the bright side, try experimenting with different loudspeaker or furniture positioning. Rugs or carpets will dampen unwanted reflections from a hardwood floor, while acoustic panels will limit the amount of sound waves that bounce off the walls.

"Loudspeakers perform best in rooms with basic furnishings such as bookshelves, flowers, vases and soft furniture."

The quality and quantity of perceived bass depends on the size and shape of the room, so experiment with various positions. Bass will be reinforced by placement near side or rear walls. Corner placement offers substantial bass boost. Find the position that offers the best balance of sound for your room and musical taste. You can find DALI's recommended distance to the rear wall in the specifications on each of our product pages.

When you have found the best position, make sure that the loudspeaker is level and steady. Spikes may be used to more effectively ground the speaker to the floor and level it out. Spikes are especially recommended on surfaces with thick carpet. Spikes will generally tighten up bass response and sharpen the focus of the stereo image.