"Is A 30K Nits OLED Microdisplay Possible?"

October 17, 2020

Please join a panel of industry experts as they discuss "Is a 30K Nits OLED Microdisplay Possible?" in a special webcast October 28, 2020 at 1pm EST. The white paper on this topic can be accessed HERE.


Recent developments in OLED-on-Silicon microdisplays suggest new architectures and processes could enable such devices to reach very high luminance levels in the near future and thus compete for AR/VR applications where OLED may not have been considered previously.


In this webinar, Kopin CTO Hong Choi will first discuss the OLED-on-Silicon microdisplay technology developed by Kopin and partners. Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media, will then lead a panel discuss with Hong, Barry Young, the Managing Director of the OLED Association, and Karl Guttag, the Chief Scientific Officer of Ravn. Both Karl and Barry are well-known to the display and AR/VR communities for their technical knowledge and insights into use case trends. We expect a spirited exchange as these three experts debate Kopin's roadmap to 30K nits, the benefits/challenges of the various display options, along with the prospects for adoption on AR/VR products in commercial and consumer applications.




Barry Young is the Managing Director of the OLED Association

Karl Guttag is the

Chief Scientific Officer

at Ravn

Hong Choi is the

Chief Technology Officer at Kopin