Lyngdorf Launches CS-1 In-Cabinet Loudspeaker

October 30, 2020

Press Release

Lyngdorf Audio, the leader in high-performance digital audio, announces the launch of the new CS-1 in-cabinet speaker. The Lyngdorf CS-1 is a compact full range loudspeaker specifically designed for discreet placement inside cabinets such as lowboards, sideboards and TV furniture. For this purpose, the CS-1 is constructed as a
horizontal rather than vertical loudspeaker design, the bass reflex is front-ported, while the tweeter is mounted both elevated and angled. This special tweeter placement reduces sound diffractions from furniture edges inside a cabinet and also improves sound radiation toward the listening area.

Best sound performance

For best sound performance the Lyngdorf CS-1 is based on the same midrange/bass driver and tweeter as the successful FR-1 two-way loudspeaker, while the overall construction and sound tuning have been specifically designed for in-cabinet placement. Due to the front-ported bass reflex and a frequency range linear down to 42 Hz the CS-1 does not need the support of a subwoofer. The powerful 6.5” midrange/bass driver is designed with a very strong magnet and together with the bass reflex the low-frequency performance is surprisingly powerful in such a small cabinet.

Constructed for in-cabinet placement

Designed for placement inside cabinets and furniture, the CS-1 is a solid MDF construction with a durable and easy to clean matte-black lacquer. Self-adhesive rubber pads are supplied with the speaker to prevent any scratches on the furniture surface and to absorb resonance between furniture and speaker. The CS-1 comes without any front grille to allow for the clearest sound performance for example behind the fabric cloth doors of TV furniture.

“We have made the CS-1 to meet the growing demand for stylish cabinet furniture enclosing speakers and audio equipment. The CS-1 enables customers, who prefer to hide speakers for either space or optical reasons, to enjoy music and video sound at the highest quality level, which Lyngdorf Audio is broadly recognized for”. Anker Haldan, CCO, Steinway Lyngdorf.