Auro-3D: 10 Years Of Superior Sound

October 30, 2020

Press Release

It was in October 2010 at the AES 40th International Conference in Tokyo that
the AURO-3D format was launched as the first-ever 3D audio format with end-to-end solutions for all audio markets. 

It was there that the new generic term “Immersive Sound” and “Immersive Audio” was introduced by Wilfried Van Baelen which then became the new generic term worldwide for "Surround Sound with Height” or “Sound in 3D".  The AES “Spatial Conference” in Tokyo is seen as the founding date of the term “Immersive”.

Until October 2021 we will be looking back on how we have helped transform audio experiences the last 10 years.  


Join us in celebrating with a whole year of special guests, events and prizes to be won!  

AURO-3D revolutionized the audio industry by bringing “Height” (the missing dimension in the evolution of sound reproduction) to all consumer markets while using existing delivery formats without the need of any change in the specs or bandwidth. AURO’s groundbreaking technical solutions allow everyone to experience its natural “Immersive Sound” experience in a lossless audible quality in the same way as intended by the content creators.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved with AURO-3D over the years to achieve this big step in the history of sound and share our mission to bring a breathtaking audio experience to everyone, everywhere.



As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, on October 28th we will support the live-streaming of the piano and drum duo concert by Mayo Nakano and Takanobu Baba at Hakuju Hall in Tomigaya to AURO HQ Belgium. Organised together with the well known Japanese broadcaster WOWOW this will be the world's first live image distribution of 3D audio using the AURO-3D immersive audio coding technology Auro-Codec. 

This is a sophisticated method, showcasing the biggest advantage of the Auro-Codec, it's backwards compatibility with regular PCM audio. Meaning, AURO-3D compatible device owners can enjoy 9.1ch full-spec AURO-3D and those who do not can enjoy it as a normal 5.1ch surround sound.

This will be an entirely virtual event with select participants worldwide able to attend via URL using the VLC media player to then stream on their own device. 


When was the first time you experienced the breathtaking realism of AURO-3D? 
Your favourite AURO-3D movie and music moments?
Or are you the lucky owner of an AURO-3D enabled home theatre or car?

We want to hear from all of you and we will make a selection of the most inspiring to share with you all

A prize will be awarded to the top 3!

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