Bluesound Professional Launches BSW150 Powered Subwoofer

Deep Bass, Wired or Wireless Connectivity, Flexible Placement Options Make It Easier Than Ever to Add Bass to Commercial Spaces

November 20, 2020


Bluesound Professional, the premium distributed audio ecosystem for commercial spaces, announced the launch of the BSW150 network active subwoofer. The BSW150 adds powerful, deep bass to any wired or wireless Bluesound Professional system and features the convenience of precision BluOS app control. The BSW150 will be available in late November in both black or white finishes.

The Bluesound Professional BSW150 is a network active subwoofer with streaming capability designed specifically for use in commercial installations. Designed to fit neatly in boardrooms or small commercial establishments, this compact subwoofer digs deeper and plays louder than its bulkier rivals. With several clever installation options, the BSW150 can be easily positioned to fit perfectly into the location of choice. 

The BSW150 is based on the established BluOS platform and can be network paired with other Bluesound Professional speakers or streamers to form a complete system which is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC and internet radio stations or it can be connected to other equipment through its line input.

The subwoofer features an 8" LF driver powered by a high-efficiency amplifier including a low power standby mode. The frequency response of the subwoofer is 22Hz - 150Hz. Inbuilt DSP allows for equalization as well as other audio processing. Access to content is via wired ethernet or Wi-Fi for glitch-free streaming. 

Control of the speaker can be accomplished by any Windows/Mac computer as well as any iOS/Android phone or tablets, the Bluesound Professional CP100 wall mount controller and many third-party control systems. Customize volume, crossover and phase control directly in the BluOS Controller app. Security provisions prevent any unauthorized control of the system. The BSW150 is available in black or white finishes.

"At Bluesound Professional, our focus is to combine exceptional sound quality with unique flexibility and convenience for both the installer and their customers," explained Graeme Harrison, Vice President and General Manager for Bluesound Professional. "Of course, reliability of the components, as well as the BluOS operating system, is also paramount so the brand is all about testing and continuous improvement."

Key Features of the Bluesound Professional BSW150:

  • 150 WATTS. An all-new 150W Smart DSP Amplifier platform with custom-designed power supply packs a punch, allowing the BSW150 to play louder and dig deeper (22Hz), with tighter, more musical control.
  • 8 INCHES. Boasting an 8" driver, the BSW150 pushes more air and gives the amplifier more room to maneuver.
  • WIRED OR WIRELESS. A HiFi Wi-Fi subwoofer. No wires, no mess, no hassle.
  • BluOS. The world's leading hi-res multi-room system connects the BSW150 to any other Bluesound Professional Player or Speaker with precise control in the BluOS app.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE. With a functional compact design meant to work in multiple setups, in any space and any décor, the BSW150 maximizes placement flexibility.