Focal 1000 Series Sets New Integrated Loudspeaker Standards

Stunning new flagship CI speaker range combines class-leading performance, unique technologies and extreme flexibility, for the ultimate integration experience

January 20, 2021

Press Release

French audio master, Focal, is delighted to present its 1000 Series – a game-changing range of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker and subwoofer options with unrivalled levels of performance and install flexibility. Three years in development, this new flagship range embodies the essence and savoir-faire of Focal: innovative speaker science, exclusive technology implementation, and exquisite French design and manufacturing. Made in France in Focal’s specialist workshops, the 1000 Series offers the ultimate discreet alternative to traditional hi-fi and home cinema set-ups, with no performance compromise. Each speaker is an innovative, flexible design – with both the installer and end customer in mind.


·Raises integrated speakers to new performance levels, through use of flagship speaker technologies – including Beryllium tweeters; ‘W’ cones – as featured on Focal Utopia home speaker range.

·Allows for seamless sonic combination of Focal’s traditional and integrated speakers.

·Flexible design: Wall speakers feature adjustable driver - angle them in any direction towards the optimum listening position.

·Simple to fit: Ceiling speakers use Focal’s patented ‘Easy Quick Install’ system, for tool-free integration.

·Scalable subwoofer integration: Wall speakers can be paired with 1, 2, 4 or 6 subwoofers (while using only one channel of amplification), to match the room size and SPL levels desired. Speakon cables provided for simpler speaker/sub connectivity.

·Magnetic, ready-to-paint speaker grilles for the perfect visual integration in every room.

·Suitable for the majority of locations: In-wall speakers offer superlative performance despite being less than 10cm deep. For even greater flexibility, optional on-wall frames will be available soon.

·Premium in-ceiling speaker models use the same form factors as popular Focal 300 Series, allowing for easy install upgrades.


1000 IWLCR Utopia

Exceptional in-wall speaker with Utopia technology. Features Focal’s flagship Beryllium tweeter, four 6.5-inch W bass drivers and two 3-inch midrange “M” profile W drivers. Adjustable (+/- 15 °) to suit optimum listening position. Pair with up to six 1000 IWSUB Utopia subwoofers for ultimate integrated home cinema experience. US pricing $7,499.

1000 IWSUB Utopia

In-wall closed subwoofer with Utopia technology. This two-part design – each featuring three 6.5-inch W bass drivers - is capable of reproducing incredible levels of powered and controlled bass. Easy to fit and scale to suit even the largest installs. US pricing $2,799.

1000 IWLCR6

Premium three-way in-wall speaker for high-end home cinema performance. Perfect for Left, Right, Centre or surround channel, the mids/tweeter section can tilt (+/-15°) to target the listening position. It can also be rotated 90° and used as a dedicated center-channel speaker. US pricing $2,699.

1000 IW6

Premium two-way in-wall speaker for home cinema. Ideal for front or surround effects in smaller rooms. US pricing $1,799.

1000 ICLCR5

Premium three-way angled in-ceiling speaker (56° for tweeter and midrange) - ideal for home cinema installations with no back wall. Mids/tweeter section is adjustable to target the listening position (+/-30°). Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. Same form factor as Focal 300 Series, making upgrades easier. US pricing $2,199.

1000 ICW6

Premium in-ceiling speaker offering immense musicality and power. Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. Same form factor as Focal 300 Series, making upgrades easier. US pricing $1,099.

1000 ICA6

In-ceiling speaker with 35° angle for maximum sound positioning and adjustment. Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. US pricing $1,099.



The Focal 1000 Series will be available in the US by the end of February 2021. For more information visit here,






1000 IWLCR Utopia and 1000 IWSUB Utopia carry the Utopia name – the sign of ultimate quality and Focal’s signature sound. Built into your walls and protected by their front grilles, these discrete products deliver exceptional acoustic qualities.

·IWLCR Utopia is a 3-way closed-back loudspeaker in d’Appolito configuration. It comprises a Beryllium tweeter, two ‘W’ cone, ‘M’-shaped midrange speaker drivers and four subwoofers. Bi-amplifiable, its unrivalled performance redefines what’s possible for integrated speakers. $7,499

·IWSUB Utopia is a passive subwoofer equipped with three 6.5’ (16.5cm) ‘W’ cones, designed exclusively for low frequencies. The bass playback is fabulous and will significantly improve your Home Cinema experience. $2,799

You can mix and match your ideal choice of loudspeakers, with lots of flexibility. For example, you can pair a IWLCR Utopia with up to 6 IWSUB Utopias as on the same amplification channel.

The only limit to the system options is your imagination!




These 2 and 3-way closed-back loudspeakers include the best speaker drivers and tweeters that Focal have ever developed ('W' cone, Beryllium tweeter). Plus, for an easy installation the tweeters are adjustable. Simply angle them in any direction towards the optimum listening position. IW6 $1,799 and IWLCR6 $2,699


1000 ICW6, 1000 ICLCR5 & 1000 ICA6: 3 IN-CEILING PRODUCTS


The 1000 ICW6 ($1,099) and ICLCR5 ($2,199) loudspeakers are heirs to the eponymous 300 Series.

·Offering cutting-edge acoustic technologies like the Beryllium tweeter and ‘W’ cone, they also include the patented Easy Quick Install system for an easy, quick, no-tool installation. With a similar design and the same dimensions as the 300 Series products, it is very easy to upgrade your existing systems.

·May we also present the 1000 ICA6 loudspeaker ($1,099). Featuring a 6.5' (16.5cm) speaker driver angled at 35°, it's ideal for Dolby Atmos specifications, but can also be integrated into the corner of ceilings as a discreet sound solution.