Samsung ‘Unpacks’ Changes To MICRO LED, Neo QLED, The Frame, And More

March 5, 2021

Michael Heiss

Samsung’s “Unpack & Discover” virtual event on Tuesday expanded on various entertainment-centric products unveiled during January’s All-Digital CES, updated us on models previously revealed, and explained why some new products and features where taken out of their package of video/audio products.

The biggest example centered around Samsung’s now expanded line of MICRO LED (sic), which is the actual product name as well as the technology. While the core technology is the same as the company‘s popular The Wall models, these carry the new name. Importantly for those planning to sell, purchase or install these new sets, they are a single, unified, component. This differs significantly from the module-based configuration of The Wall. While this approach makes them easier to install, first be certain that you can get them into the room!

The line is now confirmed to include four models: 110-inch, 99-inch, 88-inch, and 76-inch. Final pricing is still to be announced, but we now have availability dates. The two larger models will ship in late March, and the 88-inch set will launch this fall. The 76-inch version’s availability is still a bit out there and was billed as being “on the future roadmap.” Also new is the inclusion of 4Vue, which lets the viewer put four different program feeds on the screen at once.



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