Versatile And Compact Atlantic Technology’s Newest SKAA Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Are Perfect For Surround, Stereo And Multi-Room Use

When mated with the company’s SKAA Gatecrasher3 PowerBar and subwoofers, installing and setting-up a wireless Dolby 5.1 home theater has never been faster and easier.

April 14, 2021

Press Release

 Atlantic Technology has once again expanded their SKAA® wireless home audio ecosystem with the FS-WSLR1 active bookshelf speakers. These can operate as either rear channel surrounds or as 2-channel stereo speakers including as part of a SKAA multi-room audio system. The speakers are now shipping and carry an MSRP of $649 per pair.      

It’s never been faster or easier to install and set-up a wireless Dolby 5.1 home theater system using Atlantic Technology’s SKAA Gatecrasher3 PowerBar®, FS-Series active subwoofers and FS-WSLR1 speakers. No speaker cables, apps or confusing hit-or-miss Wi-Fi configurations are required,” exclaims Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director for Muto Communications – the PR and Business Development agency of record for Atlantic Technology. He furthered “Simply plug each speaker and sub into a nearby AC outlet, turn-on Gatecrasher3 and its SKAA Artificial Intelligence Self Setup technology automatically detects the speakers and remembers its new 5.1 audio configuration. From then on, the full system automatically turns on and off using the TV remote and HDMI arc connection to Gatecrasher3, operating as a wireless 5.1 system.”

The FS-WSLR1’s elegant design matches Gatecrasher3’s premium aesthetic, with a brushed black satin non-resonant extruded aluminum cabinet and black metal wrap-around grilles. Each enclosure houses a 30-watt Class D amp, two high-performance 2.5-inch composite polypropylene mid-woofers and a ¾-inch aluminum-dome tweeter in a MTM array voiced to match Gatecrasher3’s drivers.

The controls on top of each FS-WSLR1 speaker features volume up/down and a SKAA bonding button to switch to different SKAA transmitters and the multi-color LED behind the grille makes bonding and switching transmitters simple without needing to open an app. These controls are duplicated on the included IR remote.

The FS-WSLR1’s can work independently as wireless (or wired) bookshelf speakers anywhere a user wants to add great sounding music, receiving audio from SKAA transmitters connected to any analog or digital audio source, from SKAA amps and speakers or from the 3.5mm priority sensing analog jack on the back of each speaker.  The compact 3-inch deep speakers can be placed inconspicuously on a table, bookshelf or on-wall mounted by way of their included adjustable mounting brackets. This is optimum for placement as rear-channel surround speakers or for a stealth on-wall installation.

The speakers can also operate in a multi-room SKAA wireless network which is unique, versatile and easy to use. Up to four FS-WSLR1 speakers can be set to function together as a SKAA multi-speaker cluster. All speakers receive audio, with one speaker acting as the master controller for unified volume control. Endless multi-speaker SKAA clusters can be set up throughout a home, such as the basement, patio, guest room, etc. and at the push of a button, the cluster can be activated switching music transmission to that area with no app or Wi-Fi configuration needed. 

SKAA is an international standard dedicated to audio for interoperable products with a 150 foot long-range and robust, interference-free performance featuring a fixed 36 millisecond (ms) low-latency transmission and a precise fixed 0.04ms inter speaker sync that’s free of lip-sync issues making it perfect for TV, movies and gaming.

Atlantic Technology’s ecosystem of SKAA products includes a soundbar, an integrated amp, subwoofers, in and outdoor speakers, and soon headphones. SKAA makes for simple connectivity and interoperability between the products as well as connecting with any brand’s product bearing the SKAA logo.

Atlantic Technology offers 7 affordable SKAA transmitters to turn any analog or digital device such as an iPhone, Android, computer, TV, or AV receiver into a SKAA audio source. Stream music from any streaming service on your tablet, phone, or computer, or vinyl, you name it! In-depth information on all of Atlantic Technology’s SKAA products and transmitters is available at  

An optional free app called SKAA cmd is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices that make it easy to get the most out of the FS-WSLR1 when using one of the SKAA transmitters to control multiple speakers, changing their volume or to bond them to different clusters of SKAA speakers in the home. The free app is available for download at and in the Apple App store or Google Play.

FS-WSLR1 Specifications 



Pair of mono speakers with L/R selectable operation






30 watts @ 4 ohms high-performance Class D amp




Two, 2.5-inch composite polypropylene drivers




One, ¾-inch aluminum-dome tweeter




SKAA wireless














3.5 mm analog audio-in at rear for each speaker








Front mounted multi-color LED










Volume up and down, SKAA bonding, rear L/R speaker selection.


Remote Control


Four button IR remote, Volume up/down, mute and SKAA bonding




Built-in wide-range 100-220V, 50-60 Hz auto sensing.






4.3 W x 14.8 H x 3 D inches












10.9 W x 37.6 H x 7.6 D cm










Weight Each


5 lbs / 2.3 kg












Included Accessories


IR Remote, 2 x AAA batteries, wall-mounts and screws, detachable power cord, 2x L/R RCA to 3.5mm audio cables, rubber isolation material strips




PowerBar is a Trademark of Atlantic Technology; SKAA is a Trademark of Eleven Engineering, Inc.