ZVOX Debuts Flagship AV357 Dialogue-Clarifying Sound Bar

New AlexaŽ Ready Sound Bar features 12 Levels of AccuVoice Dialogue Clarifying Technology; The Powerful Full-Size AV357 is Ideal for Home Theater Lovers And Anyone Who Has Trouble Hearing Voices On TV

July 21, 2021

Press Release

ZVOXthe industry leader in dialogue clarification, is expanding its lineup of dialogue clarifying sound bars with the introduction of the flagship AV357 Home Theater Sound Bar (SRP: $299.99). The sound bar uses ZVOX’s patented Accuvoice® hearing aid technology and the company’s latest innovation, SuperVoice, which lets users reduce the level of background sound in TV programs, bringing voices front and center. This manipulation of the audio signal “lifts” dialogue out of the mix in an astonishing way, so everyone gets more enjoyment out of their home entertainment, including viewers who have difficulty understanding TV dialogue.

The AV357 speaker combines six levels of Accuvoice and six levels of the SuperVoice algorithms, providing users with a range of 12 levels of dialogue boost so they can tailor the sound for their individual needs. The AV357 features digital and analog inputs – so it works with virtually any TV. ZVOX also included its critically acclaimed Output Leveling system that automatically tames loud commercials.

Increased Bass: More Musical Audio ReproductionF3DD0461-5A99-4CAC-9E0E-86E57F9C99FA.jpeg
The AV357 speaker boasts an increase in bass response compared to other ZVOX TV speakers due to its larger, wood (MDF) cabinet. It is also the most musical of any AccuVoice speaker ZVOX has offered. Its larger cabinet volume creates robust, room-filling 3D virtual sound that accurately reproduces the subtle nuances of music performance. Elegant and understated, both models feature three high-performance speakers, including a center speaker for improved, more natural voice reproduction. The AV357 measures 24” x 3” x 4.25” and features an impeccably designed cabinet wrapped in gorgeous wood veneers in Black and coming soon Ash and Cherry. 

 “Our dialogue-clarifying speakers have disrupted the popular sound bar category,” says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. “For the first time, everyone in the family, whether they suffer some form of hearing loss or are just having trouble understanding dialogue, can enjoy a dramatically enhanced TV watching experience. With the introduction of our  new flagship model, we are now firmly established as the ‘gold standard’ in dialogue clarification and the industry’s foremost innovator and provider of high-quality, high-performance home theater sound bars.”

In addition to its 12 levels of dialogue boost, the new AV357 includes ZVOX’s convenient "Alexa® Ready" feature which lets D576DDEE-5A99-4688-B043-B591EB766A8C.jpegusersconnect an Alexa Echo® device to Input 2 and use it while listening to TV programming. Users might, for example, be watching a football game while asking Alexa for the score of another game at the same time! The speakers automatically turn down the sound of the football game long enough so listeners can hear Alexa’s answer through the speaker, then automatically turn up the soundtrack for the game.

New remote control.

The AV357 features ZVOX’s newly designed remote control with large, easy-to-read buttons and a sturdy, water-resistant structure. And like all ZVOX sound systems, it can be easily programmed to respond to virtually any infrared remote control.

The AccuVoice AV357 TV Speaker is available for a suggested retail price of $299.99 on and .