HDR10+ Technologies LLC Unveils Specifications For Home Theatre Projectors

Announcement coincides with introduction of latest JVC models

September 1, 2021

Press Release

HDR10+ Technologies LLC announced today the completion of technical and test specifications for bringing the benefits of HDR10+ to the home theatre video projector category. The availability of these specifications for licensed products – along with full certification support -- will enable ‘big screen’
entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite 4K movies, concerts and television
content the way their creators intended.

HDR10+ usage continues to rapidly grow, with more than 118 adopters currently offering or planning to provide a variety of compatible devices in both home and mobile product categories, including the latest 4K and 8K televisions. The announcement by JVC also marks the availability of HDR10+ with full dynamic metadata capability
for traditional projectors.

"We are very excited at JVC to introduce the first standard home theatre projector series that complies with the new HDR10+ Projector specifications. HDR10+ allows the true home theatre enthusiast to reproduce the director's intent automatically and in real time,” said Robert Budde, National Product Manager for D-ILA projectors at JV/CKENWOOD USA. "The HDR10+ format easily takes advantage of JVC's advanced dynamic tone mapping, high native contrast and 32-point gamma to provide the most stunning HDR image every time."

Key Performance Parameters

The new HDR10+ Projector specifications address a number of key performance parameters, including Peak Luminance Level, Color Space, White Point, Color Gamut and Tone-mapping. These allow HDR picture quality to be continuously adjusted, on a scene-by-scene basis, to ensure optimum brightness and contrast.

Robust Certification Program

To support the adoption of HDR10+ Projectors, the HDR10+ Technologies LLC is also approving Authorized Test Centers who are capable of conducting a full range of tests to validate their performance. These HDR10+ Authorized Test Centers, including Allion Japan, take the unique nature of each projector into account and ensure that it is properly adjusted for various throw distances and installation requirements.

The new HDR10+ Technical Specifications for video projectors is just the latest in a series of announcements by HDR10+ Technologies LLC. Other recent updates include the growing list of HDR10+ over-the-top (OTT) streaming services; HDR10+ Adaptive with real-time ambient light information; and a detailed whitepaper titled Understanding The HDR10 Ecosystem.