PSB Speakers Launches Flagship Synchrony Series

September 2, 2021

Press Release

PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced their new flagship Synchrony Series consisting of the T600 Tower Speakers (US$7,999/pair MSRP), and the B600 Bookshelf Speakers (US$2,499/pair MSRP). The new tower and bookshelf speakers use an all-new driver platform, built-in IsoAcoustics isolators, and represent the finest application of the brand's "True to Nature" design philosophy.

Since 1972, Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, has been cementing his legacy as an expert in designing and building high-fidelity speakers that incorporate scientific principles in psychoacoustics. Almost 50 years later and now a strategic part of Lenbrook International’s global portfolio, like all PSB Speakers products, the Synchrony T600s and B600s were designed and engineered in Canada. Previous generations of Synchrony speakers have been acknowledged worldwide for their consistency, performance, and value. This latest generation is no exception, continuing PSB Speakers' legacy.

The Synchrony T600 Premium Tower Speaker features an all-new 5-way transitional driver array, consisting of 3 x 6.5" woofers and a 5.25"midrange driver, all with cast aluminum baskets, woven carbon fiber cones and rubber surrounds, and a 1" titanium dome tweeter with Ferrofluid and neodymium magnet. The new drivers and platform allow for higher sound pressure levels without compression or increased THD and IM distortion. The advanced driver assembly features a Faraday ring, shorted turn, longer voice coil, and symmetrical magnetic drive, that all work in harmony to reduce driver distortion.

The T600s feature robust, acoustically inert MDF cabinets with aluminum-clad front baffles for maximum rigidity and density, with individually-tuned chambers and rear-firing ports for each woofer to break up in-speaker standing waves. The amplitude-perfect Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossover network of the T600 is the most advanced crossover that PSB Speakers has ever utilized, featuring high-voltage polyfilm capacitors and oxygen-free interconnect wire for complete driver control.

The T600s incorporate custom-designed IsoAcoustics integrated isolation feet, based on the same 3-part technology of their award-winning GAIA II isolators. Along with the outrigger stabilizers, the isolators provide a high degree of speaker isolation and control, while resisting lateral movement and oscillations to maintain accuracy and alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections with the supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness.

The T600 also feature magnet-mounted acoustically-transparent fabric grilles. Using the two provided bass port covers, listeners can fine tune the bass to control common room resonance problems at low frequencies. Also included are two speaker terminal jumper bars to allow for tri-and bi-wiring, as well as tri-and bi-amping. The insulated 5-way binding posts offer versatility in speaker terminal connectors.  

Synchrony B600
Using the same all-new driver platform as the flagship Synchrony T600 towers, the B600 can be an easy complement to the towers or a standalone stand-out compact listening option. The 2-way bass reflex design features a 6.5" woofer with cast aluminum basket and woven carbon fibre cone, and a 1" titanium dome tweeter with Ferrofluid and Neodymium magnet. The light and rigid nature of woven carbon fibre cone delivers wider bandwidth - about half an octave deeper bass response over other PSB driver designs - with greater efficiency (88dB at 1m), higher power handling, and lower distortion.

Heavily braced MDF cabinets with aluminum-clad front baffles on the B600 provide maximum rigidity and density to reduce "baffle talk” around the drive frame. A rear-firing port regulates air compression in the cabinet. The IsoAcoustics isolating feet on the B600 provide a secure, stable, non-resonant connection with the optional SST-24 stand or other mounting surface.

Listeners can customize their experience with speaker terminal jumper bars to allow for bi-amping or bi-wiring for better matching between the power amplifier and speaker. The insulated dual 5-way binding posts offer versatility in speaker terminal connectors.

“Rooted in legacy, the new PSB Synchrony T600 and B600 represent the finest application of the brand's design philosophy”, says Joe De Jesus, PSB Product Manager. “Featuring new drivers, crossover network, cabinet design and built-in IsoAcoustics isolators, Synchrony delivers an immersive, tonally accurate, true to nature soundscape that carries the listener right to the edge of the "actually being there" experience.”

Both models are offered in a choice of Satin Walnut Veneer and High Gloss Black finishes. Product availability and delivery is scheduled for September 16, 2021. North America only at present.