Monoprice Adds Three THX Certified On-Wall Home Theater Speakers To Its Monolith Line

New THX Certified Monolith on wall and satellite speakers deliver the highest level of accuracy for an ideal home theater listening experience

April 6, 2022

Press Release

 Monolith, the high-end audio brand from Monoprice, today announced the addition of three new THX® Certified Compact home theater speaker solutions. With a variety of new, premium wall-mounted options, these Monolith speakers have been THX Certified to ensure that listeners experience sound that is incredibly dynamic, detailed, and immersive.

“Whether it’s a basement or living room, selecting the right gear to create a great sounding home theater can be a daunting task, but our Monolith line makes it easy,” said Hobie Sechrest, Monolith business unit manager, Monoprice. “We engineer our Monolith THX Certified speakers to the highest standards for quality and value, and design them to meet the strictest performance standards to ensure an optimal home cinema experience in rooms of all sizes. Achieving THX® Certification validates our hard work and dedication to bringing great products to market.”

THX? Certified Compact On-Wall Speakers - Available Immediately

Featuring a slim and elegant cabinet design, the Monolith M-OW1 ($499.99/pair MSRP) packs a high-performance 4.5-inch concentric driver with an inset 20mm silk dome tweeter featuring an optimized waveguide and two 4.5-inch passive radiators. Ideally suited for use as front-, center- and surround-channel speakers, these 4-ohm on-wall speakers deliver a surprisingly flat frequency response from 70Hz to 20kHz. 

For those that like the clean look of a soundbar, but demand the performance of a true home theater speaker system, the Monolith M-OW3 ($499.99 MSRP) combines front left, center, and right channels into a single thin and stylish wall-mounted speaker. Each of the passive soundbar’s three channels features a high-performance 4.5-inch concentric driver with an inset 20mm silk dome tweeter, an optimized waveguide, and two 4.5-inch passive radiators. This potent LCR speaker also boasts a flat frequency response from 70Hz to 20kHz, ensuring theater-quality sound with a compact footprint. 

THX Certified Compact Satellite Speakers - Available Immediately

For those that want to elevate their entertainment experience to new heights, Monolith has also introduced THX® Certified Compact Satellite Speakers ($249.99/pair MSRP). Perfect for front L/R, height or surround channels, these compact speakers feature a high-excursion 4.5-inch concentric driver with an inset 20mm silk dome tweeter and optimized waveguide. Though smaller in form factor than the on-walls, these MDF-encased, precision-tuned cube shaped speakers deliver a flat frequency response down to 80Hz.

These new THX Certified Compact Monolith on-wall and satellite speakers are an ideal fit for many home theater systems. With a keyhole mounting slot and spring-loaded wire terminals, they’re easily installed in any room. Backed by a five-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and Monolith’s proven reputation for excellence, these on-wall speakers are expected to exceed consumer expectations.

“Monolith and THX are brands that stand for quality, and we’ve validated through rigorous testing that the new Monolith on-wall and satellite speakers from Monoprice truly excel. Meeting strict THX performance and listening standards, we’re pleased to announce that the M-OW1, M-OW3 and Compact Satellite Speakers from Monolith have earned THX Certification. Customers can be sure these speakers are capable of delivering spectacular performance for an optimal home theater experience,” said Steve Martz, global head of THX Certification, THX Ltd. 

All Monolith™ THX® Certified Compact speakers can be mixed and matched to suit any room or system needs. Combining Monolith THX Certified Compact on-wall and satellite speakers ensures a timbre-matched listening experience. For the ultimate entertainment experience, Monolith THX Certified speakers should be paired with a powerful Monolith THX Certified subwoofer.