SIM2 Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary Of excellence In Home Theatre

In 2023, SIM2 celebrates its 30th anniversary, all these years with passion for our beloved business - Home Theater. This year SIM2 not only remembers the bright past but also promotes the future of a business that will never end, with a series of in

February 9, 2023

Press Release

SIM2 Multimedia is thrilled to announce that this year the company celebrates their 30th anniversary: 3 decades in the front edge of projection performances and innovation.

A 30th Anniversary is a proud milestone for any company, specifcally in the “young” home cinema industry, and SIM2 wants to celebrate it with a number of initiatives that will generate further business opportunities for our partners and that will be announced quarterly during all next year. For SIM2, Home Cinema is not only a business, but even more so a passion: it is what our company was founded on. For the past three decades, SIM2 has designed some of the most innovative projectors on the market.

Just to mention some of the many hundreds of models and tens of real breakthrough milestones: the frst CRT projectors back in the 90s, the legendary HT200 (the frst projector specifcally designed for home cinema in 2000), the iconic C3X line (the most performing and compact 3-chip DLP models ever done, in 2005), the NERO4 line (the frst DLP 4k UHD in the market, in 2016), and the CRYSTAL 4SH (the ultimate in 4K UHD super Hybrid laser based models, in 2021).

Today, after 30 years of continuous fne tuning on these technologies, we are proud to have one of the best projector ranges available for performance, quality, home integration capability, and more important, durability; because the SIM2 projectors are designed to last for many years, always providing the highest satisfaction for our customers.

We celebrate this great SIM2 milestone, the 30th anniversary, to continue serving the home cinema enthusiasts and our partners and dealers with the same passion and competence.