Monitor Audio Introduces The Cinergy Series Home Cinema System

April 14, 2023


Wall of Sound

The dream of experiencing true cinema sound in your own home is now a reality thanks to Monitor Audio’s incredible Cinergy system. Cinergy offers all the thrills of the very best cinema, but focuses the experience around you and those closest to you. With Cinergy you create a completely bespoke cinematic experience; immersive, precise, natural, and private.

Transparent Design Philosophy

At Monitor Audio we believe the ultimate loudspeaker is one capable of producing sound as laid down by the artist so accurately that it becomes transparent. The physical design should be sympathetic to any environment and work in harmony with the desire for transparency. Cinergy was created as a result of this Transparent Design Philosophy, and is engineered to ‘disappear’ into your home cinema, allowing you to experience the visceral thrill of the very pinnacle of movie sound, without distraction.

Midrange drivers

The midrange drivers do a lot of the heavy lifting in any movie-focused system; these frequencies contain a lot of the dialogue and atmospherics that make films so engaging. That’s why the Cinergy midrange drivers use cutting-edge Monitor Audio acoustic technologies to ensure they deliver pristine performance, including RDT II cones, for the required dexterity. The midrange drivers also sits within a mid-pod driver array that can be rotated to allow any speaker in the range to be positioned either vertically or horizontally.



Our Micro Pleated Diaphragm II (MPD II) technology ensures Cinergy’s high-frequency transducers deliver accurate, lifelike sound without any distortion. The wider, smoother, more focused soundstage it creates is exactly what you need for totally engaging movie sound.


Mid Pod

Cinergy’s mid-pod driver array can be rotated to allow any speaker in the range to be positioned either vertically or horizontally. This flexible approach makes system creation a breeze, ensuring the perfect set-up for your cinema space.



Rigid Diaphragm Technology II uses a ‘sandwich’ of ultra-thin, low-mass skins bonded to a honeycomb Nomex® core, making our bass drivers both exceptionally strong and lightweight. This combination allows them to deliver both the incredibly dynamic and the wonderfully delicate with breath-taking dexterity.

Bass drivers

Bass is vital to cinematic sound. That’s obviously the case with the deep, powerful low end delivered by dedicated subwoofers, but upper bass is also a vital ingredient, providing as it does the link between low-end rumble and the midrange. Cinergy’s powerful, dexterous bass drivers utilise RDT II technology to ensure they match perfectly with the midrange drivers, while also being able to punch above their weight in terms of low-end power.

Monitor Audio's Platinum 200 3G, lifestyle, in a Pure Satin White finish.

Your cinema, your way

The best home cinemas are purpose-built from the ground up, enabling you to create a completely bespoke experience all of your own. Cinergy gives your installer the creative flexibility to design and build a cinema that exactly meets your requirements. Modular designs, bespoke isolation options, clever fixing methods and a range of versatile, high-performance loudspeakers combine to provide an experience that’s perfectly attuned to your chosen space.



For the most discreet high-performance system imaginable you can locate Cinergy completely within the walls of your home cinema installation. It’s even possible to crate a ‘sound wall’ behind your screen for the last-word in concentrated power.



If a completely installed cinema isn’t an option, you’ll be pleased to hear Cinergy performs equally as well positioned on-wall. That’s why we have made sure our Cinergy speakers look as good as they sound, and offer grilles if required.



The Cinergy 300 is not only the largest speaker in the range, it’s also the most versatile in that it can be used as a freestanding model. This enhances system building flexibility, allowing you to partner it with other models in the range used on-wall or in-wall.


Your home is like no one else’s. Fortunately, Cinergy is designed to adapt to every possible scenario. For example, the mid-tweeter array on the Cinergy 100, 200 and 300 easily rotate, depending on whether you’d prefer it to be a vertical or horizontal install. So there’s no need to compromise on your design vision when you’re searching for the perfect sound.

Small details

Because small details make a big difference, our audio engineers have developed a range of practical isolation accessories for Cinergy. L-shaped bracket isolators and 3-layer silicone feet isolators reduce vibrations by up to 18dB, and ensure optimal performance. These small differences, have a big impact on your enjoyment.