Premium Audio Company Rewinds Pricing On Best-Selling Home Entertainment Products

Consumers Can Buy New Premium Audio Solutions at 2019 Pricing

May 1, 2023

Press Release

Premium Audio Company (PAC), an innovative, premium audio solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it’s rewinding prices on several of its most popular and best-selling audio solutions. Starting May 1, Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers and Elite audio video receivers will match 2019 prices for discounts of up to 20%.

Premium Audio Company’s mission is to connect people with their passion for entertainment. With supply chains and logistical pressures easing post-pandemic, PAC is committed to offer pre-COVID prices to our valued partners and consumers alike.

"Providing amazing products at the absolute best prices is more important than ever," said Tommy Jacobs, President of Sales and Marketing, Americas for PAC. Two of the most legendary and revered brands in the consumer technology industry are offering new, state-of-the-art AVRs and speakers at very compelling price points.”

In 2021, Elite introduced the all-new, deeply featured LX series of AVRs featuring included Dirac Live room correction, HDMI 2.1 with 8K for much higher bandwidth and better audio, the ultimate 4K gaming experience, and IMAX® Enhanced Mode, and so much more.

In 2022, we debuted all-new enhanced versions of our award-winning and best-selling series of all time – the Klipsch Reference Premiere speaker series. The upgrades to the series feature the most impactful upgrades in their history, including the latest technological audio advancements, premium materials, and dramatic cosmetic details.

For more information about these brands and their products, visit Klipsch and Pioneer Elite.