May 16, 2023

Press Release

Nordost is excited to announce that they will be introducing several new products to the European market at the High End show in Munich, May 18-21. Nordost’s QRT Audio Enhancers will be heavily featured in their main showroom in (Halle 4) Atrium 4, room E112. Attendees will be the first to experience Nordost’s newest AC Enhancers and AC Line Harmonizers, the QSINE and QWAVE, the recently released QBASE Mark III AC Distribution Unit, as well as a special sneak-peek of the soon-to-be-released QBASE Reference. Each of these impressive innovations will be showcased in a world-class system featuring Wilson Audio Sasha DAW loudspeakers, Dan D’Agostino Momentum products, the dCS Rossini Apex player and clock, and the Bassocontinuo audio rack. This system will be entirely wired with Nordost’s Reference-level Valhalla 2 cables and a complete suite of QRT Audio Enhancers.

The QSINE AC Enhancer and QWAVE AC Line Harmonizer are new additions to Nordost’s line of AC plug-ins, a range of modular, complimentary AC products which improve upon the poor-quality AC that negatively aects the audio/video performance of two-channel and home entertainment systems.

The QSINE enhances the AC signal in a sound system by introducing a specific frequency field onto the circuit path. This frequency field indirectly reshapes the sine wave, which, in turn, lowers the eects of EMI noise embedded into the AC power. The QWAVE, on the other hand, manipulates the sine wave by introducing a precise range of pulsed frequencies onto the AC line, clocked from the original 50 or 60 Hz waveform. Through this
manipulation, the QWAVE can control the harmonics and overtones attributed to many improvements.

Both the QSINE and QWAVE are available at Nordost dealers, worldwide. The QSINE and QWAVE are available with either a US (NEMA), EU (Schuko), or AUS connector. (EU to UK adapters are available as needed). Retail pricing for the QSINE is $324.99. Retail pricing for the QWAVE is

The QBASE Mark III, first introduced at AXPONA 2023, is an upgrade to the highly acclaimed QBASE Mark II. The QBASE Mark III is a passive distribution block that addresses the noise-inducing, conflicting flows of signal and ground paths by using a unique method called star-earth topology. This redesigned QBASE features a dual-level PC-board configuration that separates all ground connections from the line and neutral traces, enhanced trace sizes, and a resistance “sink” which adds protection and more eectively damps eddy currents.

The QBASE Mark III is now available at select Nordost dealers, worldwide. The suggested retail price for an 8-outlet “QB8”, IEC C-14 (15/10Amp) model is $2,299.99 USD. For additional product and pricing information for IEC C-20 (20/16Amp), 4-outlet "QB4", and 6-outlet "QB6" models, please contact an authorized Nordost Dealer or Nordost Sales Representative.

The QBASE Reference is a soon to be released, multifaceted, reference-level power component that combines the technology and advantages found in several of Nordost’s QRT devices, in order to tackle the imperfections and unpredictable nature of the AC signal with ONE comprehensive product. With no less than five QRT components housed within this 10-outlet AC distribution device, the QBASE Reference supplies high-end audio components with every last milliamp of power possible, while using filter-less AC treatments to maximize performance. This carefully constructed combination of QRT technologies achieves perfect power distribution, pristine noise floor, and incomparable timing coherence. It is the reference-caliber power solution for the most complex, high-end audio systems.

While the QBASE Reference will be featured in demonstrations throughout the High End show, it is projected to be available at select Nordost dealers in the Fall of 2023.