SIM2 Thanks Maestro Francis Ford Coppola

May 25, 2023

Press Release

30th anniversary: SIM2 & Hollywood


Thank you, maestro
Francis Ford Coppola

In 30 years of excellent products in the world of cinema there have been many great actors and movie directors who have used SIM2 projectors for their Private Cinemas as well as for the post production activities; exceptional quality and colorimetry have allowed a number of fans that we can not list here.

But one of them has remained in our hearts, not only for his extraordinary films, career, and many awards: Francis Ford Coppola, that became a friend of SIM2.

Maestro Francis Ford Coppola (FFC) has won a total of 13 of the most prestigious awards and received 13 nominations and in March 2023 received his star on the Walk of Fame. Unforgettable are movies like: The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and many others.

Among others, maestro Francis Ford Coppola has won 5 Academy Awards, 4 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Venice Film Festival Award, 1 Berlin Film Festival Award, 1 David di Donatello Award and 1 BAFTA Award. Moreover, on top of the awards, FFC has received 5 Academy Award nominations, 5 Golden Globe Award nominations and 3 BAFTA Award nominations.


SIM2 and Francis Ford Coppola


Everything started in 2007 when the great movie director was looking for projectors for his studios (Zoetrope Studios) and he went visiting the main projector manufacturers to test the products. At the end, in 2008, he came directly to Pordenone, in the SIM2 factories, to collect his projector because he decided that the Sim2 products were the best in reproducing the cinema movies and their emotions. Then he purchased 3 more projectors for different studios.

In 2010 SIM2 organized a worldwide distribution launch event that was hosted in the FFC residence in the Napa Valley. Maestro Coppola attended to the event and he also made a great (unexpected) speech thus becoming the “best testimonial” of the Sim2 projectors.

in 2012, the SIM2 distributors were hosted in Bernalda, a small village in the south of Italy were FFC owns an historical palace.

In July 2019 FFC visited the new SIM2 factory, and tested the new HDR DUAL PROJECTION system, a concept that will be presented at CEDIA a few month later.


Francis Ford Coppola and SIM2 NERO 4S

Just a few months ago maestro Francis Ford Coppola bought the NERO 4 Gold Series, the SIM2 signature projector, to be used in his studio for the post-production of his new film "Megalopolis", which will be launched later this year.


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