DbM Partners With Ambisonic To Bring High-Performance Outdoor Audio Solutions To InstallersD

June 7, 2023

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Industry leading distributor, DbM, has announced a new partnership with US-based Ambisonic Systems to supply the company’s audiophile-quality outdoor loudspeaker range to professional integrators.

“Ambisonic is an established brand renowned for high-quality speaker engineering, thoughtful design and superior audio performance,” says DbM Director of Sales, Barry Sheldrick. “This makes the company a great, natural fit for DbM and we’re delighted to make Ambisonics’ exceptional outdoor audio range, so popular in the US, available now to DbM customers over here. We’re confident it will be an equally huge hit with them.”

Ultra High-Performance Loudspeakers for Outdoor Spaces

Ambisonics’ fully scalable, weatherproof audio solutions for outdoor spaces are discreet but capable of delivering serious SPLs. DbM will offer the loudspeakers partnered with powerful Ambisonic amplifiers to ensure peak performance.

The Landscape Ribbon (LSR)

Ambisonics’ Landscape Ribbon LSR6 and LSR8 loudspeakers pack a big audio punch from a compact size. Available either as an 8-Ohm solution or with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on board, the LSR range can be free-standing or buried into the ground and partnered with either a 10” or 12” subwoofer for outstanding performance.  

6.5HD-AW Compact Loudspeakers

For larger entertaining spaces, outdoor cinemas or party zones, DbM will provide the super versatile Ambisonic 6.5HD loudspeaker. Featuring larger planar magnetic ribbons and woofers than the LSR series, the 6.5HD can be used individually or as a part of a line array solution where it can deliver over 130dB continuous output at 1m.

ALSB106 Bollard Series

Ambisonics’ ALSB106 Bollard series combines a 10” woofer, with a 6.5” mid-range woofer and 1” HD ribbon in the same enclosure. Available from DbM in a black, bronze or silver finish, these loudspeakers offer 360-degree dispersion from an attractive-looking design.

The new Ambisonic Big Bollard 10 delivers incredible performance from a stunning aesthetic design for any residential or commercial outdoor application. Available with round or square aluminium sleeves in silver, black, or bronze finish. Each speaker contains a 10” subwoofer, a 6.5” polypropylene mid-range woofer and a round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter. The round ribbon tweeter design allows 360 ° dispersion and is treated with a Kapton coating using a special application process that allows the product to stand up to the outdoor elements without affecting the sound. The Bollard 10 speakers are built tough for the outdoor elements and are available in 180 ° & 360 ° sonic dispersion options.

Each speaker has an adjustable impedance setting for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v with multiple wattage taps for each. This allows for installation flexibility with nearly 300 watts of peak power handling and the ability to play from 32Hz to 20kHz.

The Ambisonic Bollard 10 will surely provide greater performance and unstrained listening at further distances than other products in this category.

"DbM was the perfect fit for our Ambisonic line in the UK, with their project-driven approach and design expertise, delivering high-quality products and immersive experiences, which can now be delivered outdoors through our high sound, high-quality line of Ambisonic products." Comments Jose Coelho, International Business Director at Origin Acoustics, the parent brand of Ambisonic.

Ambisonic is the latest high-quality loudspeaker brand supplied to the professional installation sector by DbM, joining Amina, Meridian and Waterfall.  For more information about Ambisonic and its exquisite range of powerful outdoor speakers, please contact DbM at or visit

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