StormAudio Introduces 20-Channel Receiver With 16 Channels Of Amplification

September 25, 2023

Press Release

Built upon the acclaimed ISP Elite MK3 platform, the Immersive Sound Receiver Fusion 20 brings a groundbreaking transformation to the market as it becomes the pioneering 20-channels processor that seamlessly incorporates 16 chan- nels of the latest Edge amplification technology developed by Danish-based ICE Power. Boasting exceptional performance, the receiver showcases remarkably low levels of noise and distortion, delivering 150 Watts (8 0hm) per channel and 500 Watts
(8 0hm) when bridged.

This unique receiver in the market has the DSP power to decode all the latest immersive formats up to 11.1.8 (Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and IMAX
Enhanced), and enable post-processing to optimize any speaker to any room straight out of the box.

It boasts the most advanced implementation of Dirac Live Active Room Treatment, ensuring easy and accurate room calibration. It also offers support for up to 20 PEQs per channel, and can drive-up to four-way active crossovers and accommodate an unlimited number of subwoofers, providing exceptional versati- lity in audio configurations.

A flexible and upgradeable receiver with cutting-edge features Based on the ISP Elite MK3 design, it delivers the same audio performance thanks to StormAudio proprietary analog/digital hybrid volume adjustment that maximizes the dynamic range for a more accurate, detailed, and dynamic reproduction of your movie soundtrack or your music playlists, perfectly rendered by the ICE Power amplification.

The ISR Fusion 20 has a fixed architecture, but the upgradeability of the HDMI board remains possible whenever new upgrades are released. It currently supports HDMI2.1a/HDCP2.3 up to 8K/4K120 with HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision as well as ARC/eARC.

This receiver can be easily controlled by a variety of tools, ranging from the included IR remote control to home automation systems or the Android/iOS app available on smartphones or tablets.

StormAudio’s credo is to engineer high-performing products that are simple to use and easy to set up for the customer; the ISR Fusion 20 stays true to this signature and it comes with StormAudio’s intuitive User Interface and user-friendly Speaker Configurator.

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