Screen Excellence's Amazing Projection Surfaces

January 12, 2024

Press Release

One year ago, Screen Excellence launched the Elegance screen, a platform dedicated to the Visionaire HC projection surface. This innovative material provides a contrast boost and a remarkable  Acoustic Transparency for a microperforated one.

In modern projection, two situations need to be addressed: Long Throw and Ultra Short Throw (UST).

A key element in providing a high contrast is the screen. This is why Screen Excellence has developed new projection surfaces to fulfill this demand.

The success of HDR and Dolby Vision prove it, high contrast is popular. This is a kind of revenge of TV vs. Film. When you see the same image side by side, one projected at 15 -16 foot-Lambert (typical of 35mm cinema projection) and the other at 55 fL (HDR), you will instinctively choose the second one.

Is this what the film director wanted? That's another story...

Compared frequency response of a speaker with and without the Visionaire HC material. Distance= 5cm


This ALR material is compatible with non-controlled lighting conditions, but even in a dedicated dark room, it provides more contrast than a Lambertian surface.  In any long throw projection system, the Visionaire HC will provide an enhanced contrast.  Now what is new?  Its adaptation on the Discovery platform. It will be presented at the ISE on the DreamVision stand.

Now, have a look at the UST situation: Screen Excellence has just launched the Visionaire USTAT, the very first Acoustically Transparent specialized UST projection surface.  By "specialized" , is meant that this surface that is more reflective to an incident light beam coming with an angle between 25 and 60 degrees than outside this range.

How about Acoustic Transparency?

Compared frequency response of a speaker with and without the Visionaire USTAT material. Distance= 2.5cm

The Visionaire USTAT is available on all fixed-frame platforms from Screen Excellence. It will be also presented on the DreamVision stand at the ISE.
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