January 29, 2024

Press Release



  • 2021 and 2022 were very successful years for sales, while 2023 presented some challenges. Many market surveys foresee a rebound in 2024 for business growth, including consumer electronics.
    Unlike other manufacturers, 2023 was a great year for Sim2:  SIM2 celebrated in 2023 its 30th anniversary:  3 decades in the front edge of home cinema projection performance and innovation. This is a proud milestone for any company, specifically in the “young” home cinema industry and it has been mentioned in a page of the price list showing also some iconic projector models in a timeline.

    In the last 3 years, SIM2 has grown in the USA as well as globally.
    We became more efficient in production: in the last 3 years we delivered 93% of the standard (not custom) products within 4 days of receipt of purchase orders.
    We also became more effective in the sales process and we are ready to face further growth in 2024.

    The special programs and promotions SIM2 had put in place last year to celebrate the 30th anniversary with our partners and dealers have been very successful and well received.
    We wish to thank all SIM2 partners for their support and business: we are small, but "family".
    This success provided SIM2 with renewed energy and resources to face further growth in 2024.
    We are ready to go ... with you !
  • After 7 years in production, the NERO4S  has been discontinued. Also the DUAL NERO4S system has been discontinued.
    This proves how long a SIM2 projector may generate business for our dealers and how many years dealers have to recover their investment in a demo unit
  • The new DTVs is the Ultra Short Throw projector in the SIM2 line for desktop applications as well as for ceiling installations (with a normal ceiling bracket). This new UST projector is powered by a 3x RGB pure laser technology and features a digital keystone and motorized focus adjustment to make the dealer's job easier and quicker. The screen size may exceed 120" diagonal. 
  • The Crystal 4SH, the SIM2 Super Hybrid projector, has won an award in Germany, after having been awarded by as "projector of the year", now the important and demanding German magazine AUDIOVISION has recognized and awarded the Crystal 4SH as "REFERENZ KLASSE" (the projector is a reference for the market). We are proud of this remarkable achievement and it is mentioned in the price list. 
    Click HERE to download the SIM2 2024 PRICE LIST

    The success of the last years, have allowed SIM2 to offer something very special also for 2024: 


    Which models ? When ? How ?
    Stay tuned, you will receive all the information soon