All the home cinema projectors

February 27, 2024

Download here below the new 30th Anniversary CATALOG
that shows all the projector models including
the Crystal 4 SH GOLD SERIES,
the signature model launched for the 30th anniversary.


In the new catalog you will find: 

  • a list of  some key projector models designed in the 3 decades of history of the company: a way to remember the models  that are milestones and  introduced  new performances in the industry.

  • all the home cinema products reorganized in 3 lines:

    1. the regular home cinema models (Nero4S and Crystal 4 SH)

    2. the limited edition signature GOLD SERIES (Nero4S Gold Series and the Crystal 4SH Gold Series).

    3. the DOMINO line (DTVs and HG4H)


click here to download the new complete SIM2 2024 CATALOG