HSU Introduces The New Flagship VTF-TN1 Subwoofer

March 14, 2024

Press Release

The TN1 harkens back to our earlier years with our TN1220HO and TN1225HO, inspired by the design philosophy of the late Tom Nousaine. It will sub in for our reigning heavy hitter, the VTF-15H MK2, offering:

Lower tuning, allowing it to play naturally down into infrasonic bass

Less port noise and compression

A lower retail price of $1,199 (pre-order now to make it $1,099)

A taller body, acoustically better to hold speakers (and visually easier to show off!)

A smaller footprint, giving more placement options for optimal sound

Classic variable tuning frequency (VTF) with dual 4” down-firing ports - hidden from the dogs, cats, and toddlers             </p>
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