Bowers & Wilkins Introduces 700 Signature Loudspeakers

March 29, 2024

Press Release

Bowers & Wilkins introduces the 700 S3,  705 S3, and HTM71 S3 center channel Signature Series – the ultimate version of its acclaimed 700 Series loudspeaker range. 

Crafted. Honed. Perfected.

•        The new 702 S3 Signature floorstanding loudspeaker further refines and advances the already exceptional 702 S3, introducing all-newlevels of insight and realism that put it in a class of its own

•        The new range also introduces the 705 S3 Signature standmount loudspeaker, designed to bring category-defining levels of transparency and accuracy to a more compact footprint, making itthe perfect choice for discerning listeners in smaller spaces

•        For the first time, the 700 S3 Signature range includes a newcenter speaker, the HTM71 S3 Signature, ensuring Signature-series levels of performance for home theatre enthusiasts whencombined with the 702 S3 Signature and 705 S3 Signature

Worthing, UK, 27th March: Bowers & Wilkins only uses the Signature name sparingly, reserving it for the rare and radically upgraded versions of itsconventional loudspeakers and technologies. Since the brand was founded in 1966, only eight series of loudspeaker have carried the prestigious Signature mark – a reflection of its prestige and exclusivity.

The new Bowers & Wilkins 702 S3 Signature, 705 S3 Signature and HTM71 S3 Signature models build on a heritage that stretches back to the acclaimed Silver Signature loudspeaker of 1991, originally developed as a posthumous tribute tothe founder of the company, John Bowers. The new models build on the already

exceptional performance and aesthetic benchmarks of the standard 700 Series modelsthat form the basis of

their respective designs, featuring carefully upgraded componentry plus luxurious andbeautiful new finishes.

Perfection, perfected

The larger model in the new Signature range is the 702 S3 Signature, a powerful three-way floorstanding loudspeaker that builds on the specification of the 702 S3, the flagship model in the 700 Series range.

The heart of the design is its Carbon Dome tweeter, housed in a decoupled Tweeter-on-Top aluminum enclosure and enhanced in this model with the additionof a new protective tweeter grille mesh derived from the 800 Series Signature models, introduced in 2023.

The decoupled Continuum™ Cone FST™ midrange drive unit – complete with its acclaimed Biomimetic Suspension, which notably reduces unwanted coloration emanating from behind the drive unit – ensures clean, effortless insight into themidrange and an open, spacious sound. 702 S3 Signature also includes three 165mm (6.5”) Aerofoil Profile bass drivers for full, powerful sounding bass, complete with upgraded drive-unit suspensions (or ‘spiders’) that help improve bass clarity.

As with all Signature models over the years, the 702 S3 Signature benefitsfrom careful upgrades to its crossover aimed at further increasingtransparency, with new and upgraded Mundorf capacitors, improvedinductors and revised bypass capacitors. Finally, it includes new andupgraded speaker terminal posts featuring high-quality brass cores thatensure a cleaner flow of signal into the speaker.

The Best of our Best

The 705 S3 Signature brings new standards of performance and capability ina smaller, more room- friendly form factor than its mighty sibling. As with thelarger 702 S3 Signature model, the 705 S3 Signature also includes an all-new tweeter grille mesh for more openness and transparency plus an upgraded crossover with new capacitors and resistors plus rearranged bypasscapacitors. It shares the improved speaker terminals from 702 S3 Signatureand also includes an all-new drive-unit suspension (or spider) for its 165mm(6.5”) drive unit, ensuring both a cleaner midrange and more extended bass.

Our most extensive Signature range

For the first time, home theatre enthusiasts can access the beauty andperformance of Signature technology. The new 700 S3 Signature range includes a dedicated center-channel loudspeaker, the HTM71 S3 Signature. A three-way design, it features the same Tweeter-on-Top assembly as both the

702 and 705 S3 Signature models, ensuring the best possible integration with theperformance of its siblings.

This is complemented by a centrally mounted 130mm (5”) Continuum™ ConeFST™ midrange drive unit, also featuring decoupling and Biomimetic suspension.Finally, twin 130mm (5”) Aerofoil Profile bass cones give the HTM71 S3Signature its powerful, fully extended presentation. Comprehensive upgrades toboth its crossover components and its input terminals complete the HTM71 S3Signature’s performance- orientated specification.

Exclusivity celebrated

To properly identify their prestigious position within the Bowers & Wilkins portfolio,both the

702 S3 Signature, 705 S3 Signature and HTM71 S3 Signature are onlyavailable in two exclusive Signature finishes, complemented by uniqueidentifying Signature logo plates on their rear panels. The Midnight BlueMetallic paint is the same as offered on the iconic Nautilus loudspeaker andthe 800 Series Signature models. Alternatively, all three loudspeakers can bepurchased in a lustrous Datuk Gloss wood veneer. Exclusive to the new 700Series Signature models, both finishes feature vibrant gold trims to their driveunits and tweeter housings, further highlighting their Signature status.

As with all Signature loudspeakers over the decades, all three new 700 SeriesSignature models are

the perfect embodiment of Bowers & Wilkins’ product philosophy and are aproud addition to the brand’s heritage in this category. The engineering team atBowers & Wilkins remains passionate about providing the best, truest listeningexperience available, and the 700 Series Signature models are the next step towards achieving this goal.

Commenting on the launch, Dave Sheen, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkinssaid: “Any Signature launch is an incrediblyproud moment for everyone at Bowers& Wilkins. The new 700 Series Signature range represents a signi?cant expansionof our Signature portfolio and I’m sure it will be enthusiastically received by both reviewers and our customers worldwide.”

Available from 27th March from selected dealers, 700 Series Signature is availablein two special