Totem Acoustic Introduces The LOON Loudspeaker

April 4, 2024

Press Release

For nearly four decades, Totem Acoustic has been a world leader in combining the utmost in spatial
restitution while maintaining an expansive, musically dynamic and involving sound field. This accurate,
three-dimensional expansiveness and musical liquidity can be augmented via a smaller chassis design
as we have proven through our storied history.

The new Totem LOON as its namesake implies, has an entrancing, hypnotic and mystical ability to
transmit sound in a fluid and completely engaging manner. Like a Loon, transferring not only sound
but a mysterious, sonic energy that endlessly engages... transferring deep emotion, speed and balance
within a quasi-full range sound experience.

The evolution of the monitor: Embodying 37 years of high-performance
loudspeaker design “know how” in crafting near full-range monitors.

Totem Acoustic introduces the LOON

LOON Monitor Significant Design Features:
• Ported 2-way design
• 1” laser etched textile soft dome tweeter and 5.75” woofer with copper clad voice coil.
• Nominal Impedance 8 ohms / Sensitivity 87dB @ 1watt / Crossover Frequency 2.5kHz (first order).
• Frequency Response 51 Hz to 26 kHz ± 3 dB and recommended power 20-110W.
• Dimensions (HxWxD):10.75” x 6” x 8” (8.375” with grill)
• Weight: 8.5 lbs each (Shipping weight: 19.65 lbs).
• Available finishes: Black Ash, NEW Black Walnut and Satin White.
• Matching magnetic grills included.
• Recommended placement: 6” – 3’ from rear wall; 3’ – 8’ apart.
• Designed as the perfect match for use as rear channels with Bison Series.

In the words of chief designer Vince Bruzzese, “The LOON monitor offers a very uncomplicated
placement, virtually a Plug n’ Play loudspeaker that yields great sonics even when listening from over
45 degrees off-axis. Bass is deep and tight, yet not exaggerated, with an excellent impact and decay
all from a very small cabinet. Furthermore, there is absolutely no sense of boxiness in the sound and
voices never sound congested.” The LOON produces full bandwidth sound even at low volume, all
the while with astonishing imaging. Raising the volume never impacts the accurate scale of the music.
This profoundly musical transducer sounds fabulous with all genres of music, offering an exceptional
foundation for classical music.

The LOON monitor has an MSRP of $1,299.00 USD and is SHIPPING

CONTACT: Lionel Goodfield, Public Relations ... (514) 592-4204 ...
Lucy Lentini, VP Sales & Marketing ... (514) 259-1062 ...