Grimani Systems Announces Reflectance Sound Projector™ System

June 6, 2024

Press Release

Grimani Systems announces the launch of their groundbreaking audio innovation, the Reflectance Sound Projector(™) System. 

This state-of-the-art Center channel speaker system redefines dialog clarity and soundstage precision for large video displays. It works by reflecting sound waves off the screen to create a virtual center channel image.

This revolutionary system is designed specifically for media lounges and home cinemas equipped with large video displays, including video walls, making it the perfect complement for high-end AV systems.

Anthony Grimani, co-founder of Grimani Systems, expressed his excitement, stating, "The Reflectance Sound Projector(™)  is a testament to our relentless pursuit of audio perfection. This innovative system delivers an immersive audio experience that transforms any large display into a true cinematic marvel, meeting the highest expectations of our most discerning customers."

Key features of the Reflectance Waveguide include:

  • Reflects sound waves off large video displays for a more realistic and immersive sound experience

  • Delivers clear and precise dialog, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Ideal for large video displays in media lounges and home cinemas.

Basic Specifications:

  • 1” Compression Annular driver in patented CSA waveguide

  • 26” x 20” x 16”  cabinet, available in black or white

  • Includes 320 watt DSP amplification

  • Digital signal processing for Bass Sharing and room EQ

  • Calibration, 24/7 Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Over IP 

  • Remote management for continuous peak performance.

MSRP for Reflectance Waveguide is US$4,500 and is available now.