Russound's New 6-Zone/12-Channel Amp Delivers High Power And Great Versatility


Russound, a leading manufacturer of audio products for residential and commercial custom installation, has introduced a sophisticated new amplifier designed to be the power center for even the most demanding multi-zone systems. The new model, designated DPA-6.12 can handle up to 12 separate channels and up to six stereo zones. With its high - 50 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 75 into 4 ohms - power output, cool-running operation, versatility and advanced features, the company says the amp is the ideal choice for multi-source/multi-zone home theater and professional applications. ""Residential and commercial installers have been looking for a rugged, flexible, high-power, 'install it and forget it,' amp,"" said Oscar Ciornei the company's COO. ""The DPA-6.12 is it."" The logically and elegantly designed amplifier is extremely versatile in its operation and application. Each stereo channel pair can be independently configured for stereo or mono operation, making it ideal for powering single and two-channel zones with a single amplifier. In a bridged configuration, the amp provides 120 watts per zone into 8 ohms. In addition, each channel provides independent gain control for the maximum output to each speaker. This enables unity gain throughout the entire system. Channel assignment can be made on an individual or bus basis, easily solving the ""private"" zone dilemma. Increasing its versatility, the new amplifier has two sets - A and B - of speaker jacks for each channel. Ultimately, a total of 12 pairs of 8 ohm speakers can be simultaneously powered by the DPA-6.12. The new DPA-6.12 also incorporates a variety of automation features including signal sensing power on/off; 12V trigger input and output, for the automatic control of screens, lights, and other components; and an adjustable sleep mode. Between its elegant and understated faceplate - only a single button and six LEDs are seen on the matte black front panel - and the very full jack and terminal field on its rear panel, are the electronics that clearly mark this amplifier as special. Boulder-stable performance is assured by a twin-torroidal power supply and massive heat sinks make sure that the fanless - and silent - DPA-6.12 remains a cool performer. Russound's new DPA-6.12 distribution amplifier has a suggested retail price of $1,449. For more information about this and other Russound products, visit the Russound web site at Russound maintains an e-mail tech support service for customers at

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