The Solo Video Power Conditioner From Tice Audio


Tice Audio announced the latest addition to their Solo product line. The Solo VPC (Video Power Conditioner) is a multi-function, video-specific power conditioner. It was designed to address the problem of contaminated AC power with video display systems, causing colors to look washed out and images to appear flat and grainy. The VPC is said to significantly reduce power line noise, while providing protection from power spikes and surges. Features And Specifications - Blocks RF and RMI noise - Fact-acting (0.00000001 second) spike and surge protection - 8 outlets with an 1800-watt total capacity - Ellipse LED power indicator - TPT technology for improved image depth - Heavy duty, all steel shielded chassis - 8-foot TPT treated power cable - Contoured black anodized face plate - Dimensions: 9.5 (W) x 13.25 (D) x 5 (H) inches - Five-year warranty - Available in 120 U.S. and 220-240-volt, 50Hz versions with Euro and British outlets and plugs The suggested retail price for the 120-volt U.S. model is $575. For more information, contact Tice Audio at 561 575 5777, 561 575 0302 fax, e-mail or visit

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February 27, 2024