LFCA And Kodak To Honor Cinematographer Noel Archambault


The Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) and Eastman Kodak Company will posthumously honor Noel Archambault with the first annual Kodak Vision Award for Large Format Cinematography. The award presentation will take place on the evening of May 19, following the opening reception of the LFCA 1999 Conference and Large Format Film Festival, which runs May 19-21 in Los Angeles. Noel Archambault died in June 1998 at the age of 37, in an aircraft crash while shooting aerial scenes of a volcano for ""Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage,"" a 15/70 3D film retracing the famous voyage of Charles Darwin, set for release in fall 1999. An accomplished cinematographer, stereographer, filmmaker and camera operator, Archambault was an expert in 15/70 3D processes. He worked on nearly every large format 3D film ever released, from ""Transitions"" (1986), ""Echoes of the Sun"" (1990) and ""The Last Buffalo"" (1990) to ""Mark Twain's America"" (1998) and ""T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous"" (1998). Archambault also contributed to a number of acclaimed 2D films, including ""Rolling Stones: At the Max"" (1991) and ""Cosmic Voyage"" (1996). The LFCA Board of Directors voted unanimously to bestow the award on Archambault in recognition of his primary work in large format cinematography. ""Most of the large format theatres being built today are 3D theaters,"" says LFCA President Christopher Reyna. ""But if it wasnít for Noel Archambaultís stereographic achievements, there might not be any decent 3D imageware available to show in those theatres. The current dynamic growth of our industry is in large part due to his contributions. Itís a tragedy that his career was cut short at this juncture. He was highly respected, and his influence on other cinematographers will be long felt."" The Kodak Vision award recognizes vision, imagination and leadership in filmmaking. It has been awarded to cinematographers, producers and filmmakers whose work embodies artistic achievement and a commitment to excellence. It is given to an individual who embodies the above values as judged by a jury of his/her peers. Some 400 members of the international large-format film industry are expected to attend LFCA 99, the annual Conference and Film Festival of the Large Format Cinema Association. Those interested in attending or participating in the conference should telephone the LFCA Conference Headquarters at 310 823 4901, or send email to

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