SIM2 HT200DM Showcased At The Texas Instruments Booth At INFOCOMM 2001

The World's First Dual-Mode DLPô Technology-Based Projector


Texas Instruments displayed a fully operational HT200DM by SIM2 - the world's first dual-mode projector featuring DLPô technology - at the INFOCOMM 2001 show in Las Vegas. ""SIM2 is fully committed to meeting and satisfying the home theatre enthusiast's requirements by delivering the most advanced technology in state-of-the-art solutions."" said Massimo Zecchin, SIM2's Home Theater Manager. ""We have been diligently working to enhance and upgrade our award-winning Grand Cinema line, creating the HT200DM, the only dual-mode product presently on the market. Indeed, we are delighted and very honored to have been chosen by Texas Instruments for a showcase in their booth."" The Grand Cinema HT200DM is equipped with the new DLP Widescreen Component Set that features native 848x600 resolution mode, delivering widescreen standard 16:9 images without pre-processing. Also, the Grand Cinema HT200DM sports a new six-segment (rather than the usual four) color wheel that dramatically reduces color separation artifacts (commonly referred as a ""rainbow effect"") by increasing the frequency of the colored images. ""With this new and amazing projector,"" continues Massimo Zecchin ""we expect to establish a new level of performance which, combined with the outstanding color, contrast and brightness performance delivered by DLP technology, will reinforce the very positive results obtained by its predecessors."" For more information, visit

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