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Issue 239 — May 2019

Featuring Godzilla
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Editor's Couch Editor's Couch: Custom Home Theatre Design; Welcome Jeffrey Boccaccio As Contributing Editor; DVD And Blu-ray Sales Dropped By Half In Past Five Years; HDR—Driving The Digital Transformation In Media, Entertainment And Beyond Gary Reber Sign In or Subscribe
New Equipment Coming Soon... To A Retailer Near You Tricia Spears Sign In or Subscribe
Equipment Reviews Severtson Screens Stellar Acoustically Transparent 4K Projection Screen Material With Legacy 3.25-Inch Fixed Frame Doug Blackburn Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Part 1: Recommended Loudspeaker Positions For Optimal Immersive Sound Reproduction Jon Herron Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Staying Connected With HDMI Opening Segment Can You Take The HDMI Challenge? Jeffrey Boccaccio Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Understanding Digital Audio Measurements Amir Majidimehr Sign In or Subscribe
Insider Industry View NAB 2019 Joe Kane Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Home Theatre Surround Sound Doing It Right Peter Moncrieff Sign In or Subscribe
Blu-ray Reviews 9 Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray Disc Reviews Sign In or Subscribe