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Issue 240 — June 2019

Featuring Ghostbusters 1 & 2
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Editor's Couch Editor’s Couch Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Bags For Mailing; DISH Network Advisory; Early Bird Deadline For The 2019 CEDIA Expo; CEDIA Releases White Paper On Cabling; Technical Judges Announced For The 2019 CEDIA Awards; DTS:X® Pro™: Immerse Yourself In The Movie; Dolby Wants You To Experience Music In A New Way; Sound United To Acquire Onkyo’s Home Audio Division; Paradigm, Anthem, And MartinLogan Purchased; Sharp To Re-Enter U.S. TV Business Gary Reber Sign In or Subscribe
Custom Home Theatre Design CEDIA 2018 Awards Home Cinema Category Level IV Winner: The Addition Simon Spears Sign In or Subscribe
New Equipment Coming Soon... To A Retailer Near You Tricia Spears Sign In or Subscribe
Equipment Reviews KLH 7.1 Loudspeaker System Doug Blackburn Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Part 2: Recommended Loudspeaker Positions For Screen Loudspeakers Jon Herron Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Staying Connected With HDMI Peeling Back the Onion Skin Jeffrey Boccaccio Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre 8K TVs Top TV Line-Ups For A Reason Chris Chinnock, Insight Media Sign In or Subscribe
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