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Issue 42 — October 2000

Featuring American Beauty
Issue 42 Attractions
Section Title Written By
Editor's Couch From The Editor's Couch Gary Reber
New Equipment Coming Soon... To A Retailer Near You Shane Buettner
Equipment Reviews Surround EX™ Receiver Shane Buettner
Equipment Reviews Denon AVR-480 Shane Buettner
Equipment Reviews Outlaw Model 1050 Shane Buettner
Making Movies The Future Of Movies — Part 4 Perry Sun
Your Home Theatre THX® Optimode™ Greg Rogers
Your Home Theatre INFOCOMM 2000 Joseph Janni
Your Home Theatre H/DTV's Health And Wealth Dale Cripps
Your Home Theatre One Installer's Opinion Terry Paullin
Your Home Theatre Home Cinema In Europe Rico Enzmann
On Screen Re-Creating "T2" Conversations With Gary Rydstrom And Van Ling Perry Sun & Michael Coate
Inside DVD Fact Or Rumor Bill Hunt
Inside HDTV The H/DTV Debate Gary Reber
DVD Special Features Review Special Features Reviews Laurie Sevano
DVD Trends DVD Box Styles & Copywriting Horrors. Laurie Sevano