AURO-3D Blu-ray Edition Of The Pugilist By The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel Jazz Orchestra Available Now

December 23, 2021

The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel

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Gary Reber (co-producer) said:
"The production of the latest project of The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel took place against a backdrop of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic spanning several months during 2020. Unlike the two previous albums, which were recorded live and in Capitol Studios, respectively, The Pugilist album was recorded amazingly without the members of The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel ever playing together in a room at the same time. Instead, each of the 17 musicians recorded their particular parts covering 14 compositions and arrangements, including improvised solos, separately in their own home studio setting. They performed to a click track used to synchronize their sound recording to those of all the other members of the band."

"Once the tracks were all recorded, Bernie and I flew to Belgium to spend two wonderful weeks mixing the tracks at Galaxy Studios in Mol working with Patrick Lemmens and Wilfried Van Baelen mixing the master audio recordings on this album."

Wilfried Van Baelen said: 
"It is often challenging to bring the 'live experience' into recordings of a big band. But, it was not so difficult to achieve this in the AURO-3D format by added some natural 3D reflections of the Galaxy Hall. The result is just amazing! Knowing that for these recordings musicians had to record their parts separately at home, the end result is just fabulous and so well performed. This is a fantastic album to have in your AURO-3D collection. “