Pioneer Elite Reference Receivers Bring Multichannel Sound For Music And Movies

First Receivers To Offer New THX Ultra2 And DTS 96/24 Processing Technology


Pioneer today introduced two reference receivers under its Pioneer Elite brand (VSX-49TX and VSX-47TX), the first to offer THXÆ Ultra2 and one of the first to introduce DTSÆ 96/24 processing. The VSX-49TX and the VSX-47TX will provide consumers the latest in digital processing and multichannel audio reproduction. Pioneer flagship receivers flex their technological prowess with features including: - New ""Direct Energy"" Super MOSFETÆ circuit, 160 watts x 7 channels into 6 ohms - Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC) - THX Ultra2 processing and certification - DTS 96/24 discrete 5.1-channel decoding - DTS-ESÆ discrete 6.1-channel decoding - DolbyÆ Pro Logic II - THX Surround EXô - 32-bit dual SHARC and Motorola DSP engines (VSX-49TX) - 32-bit SHARC and Motorola DSP engines (VSX-47TX) - Pioneer original all-channel 192 kHz/24-bit DACs - All-channel 96/24 ADCs (VSX-49TX) - RS-232 for custom installation control applications - Pioneer Advanced Video Conversion (VSX-49TX) - DVD-Audio-ready with eight channel input ""With the incredible growth of audio technology and the phenomenal household penetration of DVD, consumers will appreciate a receiver that has the processing power to work with current and future technology,"" said Matthew Dever, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning, Pioneer Home Entertainment Division. ""We developed theVSX-49TX and VSX-47TX with the understanding that multichannel sound is not just for movies, but is critical to enhance the audio of both movies and music. Following this philosophy, we are bringing consumers two of the first receivers on the market that offer both THX and DTS to make these receivers the very first to offer DTS 96/24 kHz and THX Ultra 2 technology,"" Dever continued. Both models feature Pioneer's exclusive seven-channel ""Direct Energy"" Super MOSFET circuit, which provides 160 watts of equal amplifier power to all channels, eliminating the possibility of one channel dominating a particular sound field. All seven amplifiers are of discrete configuration for low distortion, and are capable of handling any surround format. The VSX-49TX and VSX-47TX also provide a Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC) for optimum acoustic accuracy in multichannel sound reproduction. The calibration system works by measuring the acoustic characteristics of the listening area and neutralizing the ambient characteristics that can ""color"" the original source material. First, the MCCAC uses the microphone provided to check and test ambient noise levels, the microphone, and speaker level. Once the initial setup calibration is complete, the system automatically confirms size of the speakers that are hooked up to the receiver and distance to the listener, and then performs a surround analysis. Finally, MCACC checks the channel delay and channel level, processes the information, and then performs the acoustic calibration. During the acoustic calibration process, the speakers will emit a series pink noise and timing pulses that are received by the microphone and sent to a nine-band digital equalizer for final calibration of up to seven channels. The VSX-49TX provides an advanced, MCACC offering all-channel 96/24 A/D conversion, and allows for manual settings, enabling the user to make the automatic calibration settings determined by the process. THX Ultra2 provides the following processing advantages to the receivers: - Adoption of single seven-satellite and one subwoofer speaker layout for the replay of all soundtrack and music formats - Seven channels of power amplification for all replay modes (movies and music) - Advanced Speaker Array (ASA) - User-selectable BGC (Boundary Gain Compensation) - Video switching performance requirements for HDTV and progressive-scan DVD sources DTS 96/24 provides the following processing advantages to the receiver: - Sound quality transparent to the original 96/24 master - Full backward compatibility with all existing decoders - No new player required -- DTS 96/24 can be carried on DVD-Video, or in the video zone of DVD-Audio, accessible to all DVD players - 96/24 5.1-channel sound with full quality, full-motion video, for music programs and motion picture soundtracks on DVD-Video - 96/24 through the S/PDIF output. DTS 96/24 allows the use of external, very high quality D/A converters and associated analog electronics chosen by the user. The VSX-49TX and VSX-47TX have incorporated (SHARC and Motorola) DSP engines, typically found only in professional A/V equipment, to process the various theatre and music features within each unit. Pioneer has taken these devices and utilized the power once provided for the professional, and put it to work for the consumer, achieving unparalleled speed and efficiency, enhancing multichannel decoding and processing. Finally, a four-chamber, copper-shielded chassis construction and huge storage capacitors in the VSX-49TX will satisfy the audiophile in the family. The VSX-49TX comes with a large LCD touch pad learning remote, and the VSX-47TX is equipped with an LCD preset/learning remote, making operation seamless. After connecting either receiver to a home entertainment theatre, only a few touches to the remote are needed to experience the precision and power of the Pioneer Elite receivers. The VSX-49TX receiver will be available in October 2001 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $4,200 and the VSX-47TX receiver will also be available in October 2001 at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,000. For more information about Pioneer Corporation, visit

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