Monster Introduces Signature Series Power For Serious Home Theatre Enthusiasts


Noel Lee, The Head Monster, announced the release of the MonsterÆ Power Signature Series AC power products for ultimate refinement in power stabilization, filtering, and surge protection. New products include the Signature Series AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, the Signature Series Home Theater PowerSourceô HTPS 7000, and the Signature Series Home Theater HTS 5100. Attractive new True Blue LED readouts offer a bold new look to Monster's Signature Power products. Each is signed personally by the Head Monster, and stands as Noel Lee's personal statement on high-quality power, with looks and performance to match. Signature AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Voltage sags, swells, and spikes degrade the home theatre experience. The AC power line doesn't always deliver the smooth 120 volts needed for maximum quality. The video may lose brightness and shrink in size. Noise and low voltage power conditions adds distortion and robs audio of clarity and realism. Noel Lee enthused, ""The Signature AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer uses a Monsterous microprocessor to control a variable transformer capable of delivering full power to any home theatre system despite surges and power fluctuations. It also adds a new look to our most highly reviewed power products."" Signature Series Home Theater PowerSource HTPS 7000 The quality of the incoming AC power line dictates whether expensive connected equipment reaches maximum performance. Power line pollution ruins the clarity, tonality, and bass control of a good home theatre system. The Signature 7000 is the first Monster Power product using patent-pending T2 circuitry that allows the 7000 to ""intelligently"" disconnect its outlet in over- and under-voltage conditions. The Head Monster goes on, ""The top-of-the-line Signature Series HTPS 7000 features the world's best filter circuitry that's custom-designed for us by Richard Marsh. It features triple-shielded transformers and switchable balanced or isolated settings that'll subdue any noise or ground loop you can throw at it. New T2 technology adds a whole new level of protection for longer periods of disturbance on the AC power line."" Signature Series PowerCenterô HTS 5100 The Signature Series HTS 5100 features Clean Powerô Stage 4 v2.0 filter circuitry to prevent power line noise from damaging system performance. Four separate isolated filters resolves colorful, razor sharp images and stunningly vivid sound. Sound leaps from the speakers with 3-D realism. ""It's perfect for home theatre enthusiasts who want superior quality power conditioning at an affordable price,"" enthuses the Head Monster. The Signature Series AVS 2000 retails for $1699.95, the Signature Series HTPS 7000 retails for $1499.95, and the Signature Series HTS 5100 retails for $799.95 Monster Power manufactures a complete line of AC power conditioning products for home entertainment systems and office applications. For more information, visit

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