Sony Celebrates The 5th Anniversary Of The WEGA TV


Sony is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the FD Trinitron∆ WEGA∆ television line and commemorating five decades of innovation and leadership in the television industry. In 1998, Sony introduced the industry's first flat-screen CRT television, the FD Trinitron WEGA. Since its launch, more than 40 million WEGA sets have been sold worldwide. ""As the legendary leader in the television category, Sony has always taken great pride in innovative new trends that benefit the entire industry,"" said Tim Baxter, Senior Vice President of Marketing in Sony Electronics' Home Products Division. ""Since its introduction five years ago, the FD Trinitron WEGA has revitalized and redefined the direct-view television category."" Today, Sony offers more than 60 television models across a variety of display technologies, including Grand WEGAŰ LCD-based rear-projection, flat-panel plasma, and LCD WEGAŰ DTV models. ""In just five short years, the WEGA family has evolved to become the foundation for all of our innovations in digital television,"" Baxter added. ""Sony is offering, without question, the broadest range of display options available today."" Sony TV History In October 1968, Sony launched the first Trinitron color television (KV-1310) in Japan. History was made as the company incorporated its unique Trinitron∆ CRT--a single-gun, three-beam Aperture Grille with a cylindrical flat screen--which eliminated horizontal crossbars and created a vertically flat screen for a brighter, detailed and richer picture performance. Sony's Trinitron CRT was recognized with a technical Emmy∆ Award for the development of the Trinitron picture tube. For the next 30 years, Trinitron technology continued to maintain a leading technological edge. As a company of firsts, Sony has achieved many television innovations, including these highlights: - In 1976, Sony unveiled the largest color TV set (32-inch model). - In 1985, the first XBR models were introduced, which started the trend of premium, large-screen televisions. - In 1998, Sony introduced the industry's first flat-screen CRT direct view set, the FD Trinitron WEGA in 32- and 36-inch models. - In 1998, Sony introduced the first integrated widescreen HDTV, a 34-inch 16:9 FD Trinitron WEGA. - In 2001, Sony unveiled the world's largest flat-screen CRT, a 40-inch FD Trinitron WEGA. - In 2001, Sony announced its 50-inch XBR widescreen Grand WEGA LCD-based rear-projection TV. - In 2002, Sony launched its first consumer plug-and-play Plasma WEGA models (32-, 42-inch) with built-in NTSC tuner and speakers. - In 2003, the first flat-screen 30-inch XBR LCD WEGA was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. For more information, visit

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