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Issue 20 — August 1996

Featuring 007 GoldenEye
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Issue 20 Attractions
Section Title Written By
Editor's Couch From The Editor's Couch Gary Reber
New Equipment Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews 8 Surround Sound Alternatives Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews 14 Multichannel Amplifiers Compared Richard Hardesty
Making Movies Widescreen Production In The Vanguard Bob Fisher
Your Home Theatre Screens For Video Projection Part 8 Joe Kane
Your Home Theatre The Future Of LaserDisc Technology: The Next Generation Larry S. Gullman
Your Home Theatre Room Acoustics Part II Russ Herschelmann
Inside Telecine Film To Tape Horror Stories Marc Wielage
On Screen The Impact Of DVD: Hi-Fi '96 HomeTheatre And Specialty Show Panel Gary Reber
On Screen Emerging DVD Technologies: 1996 WCES Show Panel Multichannel Discrete Music: Hi-Fi '96 Home Theatre And Specialty Audio Show Panel Gary Reber