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Issue 33 — June 1999

Featuring Saving Private Ryan
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Issue 33 Attractions
Section Title Written By
Editor's Couch From The Editor's Couch Gary Reber
New Equipment Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews Multichannel Amplifiers Part 5 Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews Loewe Planus Nicholas Grieco
Equipment Reviews The Polk RT5000 Home Theatre Speaker System Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews Powerline Conditioners Part 2 Douglas Blackburn
Making Movies These Loud Loud Trailers Perry Sun
Your Home Theatre HDTV - Next Generation Sets Deliver 720p Gary Merson
Your Home Theatre Anamorphic Widescreen Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' DVDs Jim Taylor
On Screen The Perfect Picture Joe Kane
On Screen A Legend Speaks Klipschorn's Paul Klipsch Paul Klipsch By David Wienberg And Gary Reber
Inside DVD Fact Or Rumor Bill Hunt