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Issue 35 — November 1999

Featuring Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Issue 35 Attractions
Section Title Written By
Editor's Couch From The Editor's Couch Gary Reber
New Equipment Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews CEDIA - Alphabet Soup Gary Merson
Equipment Reviews Digital Controllers - Part 4 Richard Hardesty
Equipment Reviews The Runco DTV 991RP - Part 2 Gary Reber
Equipment Reviews Panasonic Progressive DVD-H1000 Gary Merson
Equipment Reviews Polk Audio's RMDS-1 L.J. Linton
Equipment Reviews Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers Gary Reber
Equipment Reviews Zenith 64-Inch HDTV Gary Merson
Your Home Theatre THX Surround EX Perry Sun
On Screen DVD In The Forefront Gary Reber
On Screen High Definition 720p Joe Kane
On Screen High Definition Telecine Gary Reber
On Screen Mastering 5.1 Sound Gary Reber
Inside DVD Fact Or Rumor Bill Hunt
DVD Special Features Review Special Features Reviews Laurie Sevano