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Issue 51 — August 2001

Featuring Thirteen Days
Issue 51 Attractions
Section Title Written By
Editor's Couch From The Editor's Couch Gary Reber
Equipment Reviews SMART® Theatre Systems Perry Sun
Equipment Reviews Denon DVD-2800 Bill Cruce
Equipment Reviews Phillips SACD-1000 Multichannel SACD Player Shane Buettner
Equipment Reviews MSB Technology Greg Rogers
Making Movies English Dub, Hidden Subtitles David J. Weinberg
Your Home Theatre WSR's Holosonic™ Home Theatre System - Part IV Gary Reber
Your Home Theatre Balanced power From Equi-Tech Martin Glasband
Your Home Theatre The Holosonic™ Sound Imaging Reference Jimm Webb
Inside DVD Fact Or Rumor Bill Hunt
Inside HDTV NAB 2001 Perry Sun
New Equipment Coming Soon To A Retailer Near You... Shane Buettner
DVD Special Features Review Reviewed DVD Supplementals Laurie Sevano