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Ultra High Frequency. Television broadcast frequency range between 300 and 3000 MHz (3 GHz). In television, UHF refers to a subset of that band, the range from 470 Mhz to 890 MHz, once allocated to TV channels 14 through 83. Also the name for a type of connector used for video cables.

A decreasing of the raster size (H & V) so that all four edges of the picture are visible on the screen. Underscanning allows viewing of skew and tracking which would not be visible in normal (overscanned) mode. It is also helpful when aligning test charts to be certain they touch all four corners of the raster. Likewise, when checking the alignment of multiplexer images from a film chain, underscan allows proper framing of the projected image going into the video camera.

Music scored for a film which serves to provide an aural background or dramatic setting to the events happening on-screen.

Unified Remote
Will control the same brand of VCR.

Universal Remote Control
See Programmable Remote Control.

Universal Remotes
Are the most common remote. They come with pre-programmed codes for both VCRs and Cable Boxes. Some models also control branded DSS. Some remotes are ergonomically-designed with keys of different shapes, colors, and sizes. On top of that, a handful of brands also include devices with illuminated keys for reading the buttons in a semi-dark room.

Universal Serial Bus. A standard developed by Intel, IBM, Compaq, Digital, NEC and Northern Telecom. The USB is a bus designed to handle up to 127 external computer devices with a transfer rate of 12 megabits per second. A true plug-and-play bus, it allows for devices to be attached/detached without removing power. It is initially intended for keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Although it cannot carry video signals, some monitors have USB plugs to act as a USB hub for connecting other devices.

Ultraviolet. Light/heat rays that have a shorter wavelength (and higher frequency) than those in the visible spectrum. Ordinarily filtered or blocked to prevent eye damage and dye fading.